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Renewed Pet

Pets Sunscreen (2 oz)

Pets Sunscreen (2 oz)

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ReNewedPet® Sunscreen
This all-natural pet sunscreen is made from 100% all natural, non gmo, and organic ingredients! This pet sunscreen was specifically formulated to care for the sensitive skin of the hairless pets; however, this sunscreen should also be used on lightly haired pet breeds as well as all breeds with fur applied on low hair areas like the nose, ears and belly, which are routinely areas of sunburn and skin cancers.

How to use
For best protection, apply liberally to all exposed skin 15 minutes before sun exposure; rub in thoroughly. This sunscreen is good for periods of up to 1 hour depending on the temperature and strength of the UV rays on any given day. However, we do not advise allowing your pet to be exposed to the sun for more than 30 minutes even with this product. Once back inside use the included micro-fiber cloth to wipe your pet and remove any excess sunscreen.

We also recommend using this sunscreen along with a protective shirt on your pet to minimize area of skin exposed and prevent over-licking of the product by your pet.

Product may harden slightly with exposure to cool temperatures. Simply work small amount around in your fingers to warm and soften before application.

Organic beeswax, organic shea butter, organic red raspberry seed oil, organic carrot seed oil, organic coconut oil, organic vitamin e oil, organic olive oil, fractionated coconut oil.

Size 2 oz. (57 g)


ReNewedPet® is not liable for any individual reaction that may occur resulting from use of our products.  Our products provide gentle, non-irritating ingredients.  However, as all pets are different, we do recommend that you always check for sensitivity by performing an allergy patch test, or a reduced dose of any oral supplements prior to the initial use of any new product.  A patch test is performed by applying a small amount of product, as instructed; wait a period of 24 hours.  If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use, and contact your veterinarian. 


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